The Challenge of Packing Light


I’m about to leave on another one week adventure and as always, I’m conflicted.  I envy travelers who pack lightly, can fit everything in carry on luggage, and still seem to have everything they need.

Perhaps the secret to packing light is to not need so much.  When packing, I check the weather at my destination – and then I prepare for all kinds of weather.  If the forecast is 85 degrees and sunny, I pack an umbrella to be prepared for anything. And maybe a sweater or two in case the nights are cool. Darn my Girl Scout past.

With one more day till I need to fill the suitcase, I will again attempt to curtail the clutter that is intended for the suitcase.  My intent is to look at everything I have laid out for the trip and then put half back in the closet.  I’ve been searching the internet for packing tips and that seems like good advice.

This is a casual trip, so no dressy clothes are necessary. Make up, hair products, and lotions are in small travel containers. I’ve done my research and this should be easy, right?

I’ll get back to you on that.


The Buzzing of Bees, the Buzzing of Drones


After reading an article about the adverse effect of declining bee populations, I decided to take action. A tiny impact on a growing problem.  I will plant more native perennials that will attract bees and butterflies, and of course will not use any pesticides in my garden.

As I research perennials that will meet those requirements, my husband is flying his Phantom 4 drone over the very gardens that will be our connection to nature.  If you’ve never heard a drone fly, let me describe it as the sound of an angry hornet. On steroids.

Rather than be annoyed at this intrusion into my nature journey, I’m intrigued.  The technology is amazing!  It stabilizes itself, avoids objects, and can be programmed to follow the user for some awesome film footage. Of course, you need to do something awesome at the time.

My husband flies his drone responsibly, in safe areas and at safe heights.  He’s a videographer and can create some fantastic footage from the drone’s camera.  The technology enables him to have a bird’s eye view of our intriguing earth, so how could that be a bad thing?

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