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Don’t Call Me Princess

Magic Kingdom

A trip to Disney World was not on my list of places to go.  Because my husband is interested in animation and technology, I fully agreed to a vacation that included four days in the magical world of Disney. And I did have fun. A lot of that had to do with animation and technology, which are interests I share with my husband.

We stayed at a beautiful resort on Disney property, so the transportation back and forth to the parks was simplified.  Buses to all of the parks were plentiful.

My first moment of “was I out of my mind when I agreed to this?” came when we first entered the park.  As I entered the Magic Kingdom for the first time since 1980, I was greeted with “Have a magical day, princess”.  Really??? Take a good look, I’m more the family matriarch, queen mother type of person.  Princess? Ugh.

And then I noticed them.

The dozens of little girls in their princess dresses, ready to to have their princess make-overs, their princess lunches with other princesses, and being called princess by all the Disney employees (known as cast members).  That should prepare them for the future, right?

Never mind the math and science. Let’s work on their princess skills.





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