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Rheumatoid Arthritis, Orencia, and Hope

Beginning my 4th month on Orencia infusions and I remain hopeful. Feeling more energetic and able to move more easily and with less pain.  It feels like a heavy fog has been lifted from my physical being.

Oh, I’ve had a few unhappy experiences with IV sticks, but won’t give them any blog space because I’m feeling better and more able to manage my symptoms. Along with feeling better, I’m also cautious about saying those words out loud –  feeling better – almost as if I’m afraid that will change something and the Orencia will stop working.  Ridiculous, right? Or maybe I’m hesitant to say those words because someone who doesn’t understand RA will think feeling better means no pain, no exhaustion, and no disease activity.

Anyone who has rheumatoid arthritis might understand this caution. Aware every day that RA is a progressive, systemic autoimmune disease, it’s difficult to be too optimistic.  But hopeful? That I can do!



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