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Life without Sugar is No Piece of Cake

chocolate cake

As I wait to start feeling the results of Orencia infusions on my Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA), I thought I’d do whatever else I can to help east the pain and stiffness.  While reading about autoimmune disease and food that may contribute to inflammation, I decided to eliminate certain foods from my diet.

I’m already careful to avoid meat and poultry that might have been raised with antibiotics or hormones.  It simply makes sense.  So I decided I would try eliminating a few more elements from my diet.  I’ve taken excerpts from the Paleo diet focused on those inflammation producing foods like sugar, artificial sweeteners, and gluten – also avoiding any pesticides on fruits and vegetables.

This has become quite a challenge.  I began by cutting out the sugars, corn syrups, and artificial sweeteners of any kind.  This leaves me with honey and maple syrup. Both need to be pure and free from additives. And since artificial sweeteners have been linked to inflammation, I’ve decided to eliminate them.  Doesn’t leave much sweetness in my life, does it?

I am in week two of this adventure, and wondering how long I can maintain this new way of eating.  I think the answer is “As long as I feel it makes a difference.”  So the first thing I need to determine is how much better I feel – or if I do feel better at all.  Too early to draw that conclusion.  And since I’ve also started a new treatment for the RA, it might require a bit more experimentation to determine where any benefits lie.

Watch out, gluten.  You’re next!


2 thoughts on “Life without Sugar is No Piece of Cake

  1. I have gone gluten free and feel much better, it’s the sugars I need to eliminate since I have learned to make all kinds of wonderful gluten free stuff that still has sugars in it. I feel a need to go paleo for a while and then reintroduce the legumes, dairy, eggs, nuts/seeds, but I am not sure I am ready for this. Chocolate calls my name and I am a sugar fiend. I know ultimately I would lose my hankering for it, but it’s getting there that’s the hard road. Good luck and keep us posted 🙂


    • I think I’m on the right track eliminating sugar. But I’m right there with you as a sugar fiend!
      Thanks for your comment and I will move forward with the gluten free options.


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