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Soap Makes Me Smile

And Rheumatoid Arthritis and Sjogren’s Syndrome do not make me smile.  And that’s why I make soap. To forget about the autoimmune diseases that I’m battling daily. When I tangerine dream2make soap, I’m making something unique, useful, and organically good.

Creating soap batches also allows me to feel as useful as those bars of soap. I don’t feel useful as often as I need to.  My energy levels are down and my joints hurt. And that’s with a dose of both methotrexate and Humira weekly. I still can’t do some things I’d like to do.  At least not right now. Maybe there will be a point in the future that my symptoms will decrease.

Soap making is like a mini-vacation for me.  I go into my soap lab, turn on the music, and magic happens.  The creative and chemical process completely absorbs my thoughts. I think of nothing but color and fragrance and creamy suds during this enchanting time. Alchemy in action. Ordinary ingredients are transmuted into something of value.  The value in my soaps are the sense of accomplishment I experience when a batch is curing, and the way my skin feels after using my own brand of nourishing soap.

If you’d like to see the results of these soap making times, take a look at Barnaby Glen Soap. Oh, and if you decide to buy a bar or two – well, that would also make me smile.



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