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If I lived here


I’d wake up at first light, pull on a warm sweater. After brewing a warming pot of tea I’d wander out into the gardens to plan my day.  What part of the garden needs me right now? Weeding, cultivating, and pruning. Oh, what a lovely way to spend my days.  The snapdragons, the snowberries, and forget-me-nots demand attention.

After a morning of garden work/play, I could relax with my lunch and enjoy the view that mother nature and I have created together.  Then a walk into the village to purchase the ingredients for dinner. A stroll around town and a visit to my favorite bookstore for a book to read in the afternoon.   A perfect day.

But I live here. In the Northeastern U.S.


Not quite as pretty, but it does have it’s moments.  Like these.

1623794_10200661103130533_1597643354_n                                1926860_10200661103450541_630393699_n

My day is cold and snow-covered with wind gusts wrapping themselves around my house.  Not quite the Irish cottage I photographed last summer, but it’s home.


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