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My Fitbit Valentine

My daily workouts of pilates, weight training, and even yoga have been forgotten lately. Those workouts didn’t really escape my mind in those first days.  It was my rheumatoid arthritis that caused me to skip the pilates – more frequently every week – because my joints were raging after a session.  In fact, it was the same for the weight training. I reduced the amount of weights I used, I reduced the intensity of the pilates and still hurt so much I could not recover between workouts.  And the yoga?  Well, I just gave up excising altogether because I was discouraged.

I knew it was time to change my exercise routine. But what to do?  fitbit

My Fitbit is the perfect answer. Walking is a beneficial exercise, and I need to  do that anyway, right?  But my Fitbit will track my steps and distance traveled. Daily and weekly. And since I have a Fitbit One, it will also indicate how many flights of stairs I’ve walked each day and can even tell me if I slept well last night.  Instant feedback encourages me to park further away from my office and walk those extra steps. Or add short walks to my day. Every time I stand up and move around, I’m immediately seeing info on steps taken and calories burned.

Fitbit has an app that syncs all this data with my smartphone and I can create groups and have a friendly competition that will keep us all moving. Encouragement, instant gratification, and social connection. What more could I want?

That’s why I’ve decided that Fitbit is my true Valentine this year. It will keep me as active as possible and if I have a bad day with my rheumatoid arthritis, it won’t criticize or question my lower step counts.  It will instead encourage me electronically with messages like “You rock” or “Climb it” or (only once) “No Donuts”.

As for the yoga, I will re-introduce that into my daily schedule soon. Haven’t found a DVD workout that will be gentle on my joints and still be challenging. Oh, and won’t make my Fitbit jealous.


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