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Snow Geese Ballet


I heard them approaching.  The noise was difficult to identify at first, although I’ve heard geese many times before.  It took me a few seconds to realize the noise was not just a flock of geese, but thousands and thousands of snow geese flying directly over my house.  I hurried outside to be a part of this beautiful performance.

The white geese did not disappoint. Some of them were flying in the traditional V-shape, but many more of them were swarming like a hive of bees. The swarms and the V-shaped flights would continue until I lost track of time. I was completely lost in the beauty and the grace of their flight. They moved back and forth within the swarm, changing direction with such ease.  As far as I could see in the distance, there were snow geese. Wave after wave approached, flew directly over me, and then past me to a field they chose as a landing strip.

This is my first winter in a new house. I miss living in the city, but if this experience is an indication of what it’s like to live with nature outside the city, maybe it’s worth giving up my favorite Thai restaurant.


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