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Progress Report: Take Back the Evening


It’s been almost two weeks since I began my experiment to have more control over my time in the evenings.

My free time is limited. I’m sure others can identify with this shortage of time. After work, a quick dinner, a quick clean up, and then only a precious few hours to catch up with family and friends and to pursue my own interests.

A lot of us deal with this shortage of time combined with a shortage of energy due to autoimmune issues. And if I sit down in front of the TV, it’s almost as if that electronic box is siphoning the small amount of remaining energy from me. Robbing me of my time.

There are programs that I choose to watch. I have deemed them worthy of my time and feel a connection to the characters. The writing is witting and engaging and the actors are endearing. These few shows are not a problem for me. I can plan my evenings around them or Tivo them for viewing later.

The problem I faced was my inertia. After a favorite show ended, I did not take the initiative to turn off the TV. It wasn’t that I had nothing else I needed to accomplish. I was tired and I lacked the physical energy to pull myself up from the sofa and into another room.

My experiment is not completely successful and at times I remain frozen and dazed on the couch, unable – or unwilling – to take action. For the most part, I can manage to get away from the TV and do something. Doing anything is a victory. I’ve increased my available time in the evening by about 50%. While that’s not a remarkable success story, it’s progress. And I’ve regained some of the time that the networks have taken from me.



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