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The Universal Language of Chocolate


Except for a few lost souls, we all enjoy the comfort of chocolate.

I live on the Northeast. As the fall transitions into winter, nothing (not even coffee!) warms me like a mug of sultry hot chocolate.  Unadorned or topped with mini marshmallows, the drink calls to me when I’m watching TV late at night.

And nothing is better for an afternoon boost of  moral than a bit of dark chocolate. A good bar of Ghiradelli can be better than a coffee break to get me through the rest of my work day.

Of course, we’ve all read about the benefits of dark chocolate.  I devour every article I find praising the health related benefits of dark chocolate.  I need nothing more to affirm that I can measure off a square as I would a dose of medication, knowing that it will be good for my heart.

Care to join me?


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