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Day 4. Take Back the Evening

packersMy project to be intentional about watching TV is a journey of small steps. Some of those steps go backwards and some are side steps.

Most of my evenings I have purposely turned off the TV while waiting for the next show I plan to watch. At least once during the last four days, I mindlessly sat through what I call an in-between show. I also call it a waste of my time. Life is too short. I have much I want to accomplish.

So I will continue this self-imposed challenge to take charge of my evenings. The week days belong to my job and Saturday and Sunday daytime are filled with activities and errands.  I will not surrender my evenings to whatever the networks declare to be entertainment.  I will be the judge and jury of my night time digital viewing.

But for today, it’s Sunday afternoon and the Philadelphia Eagles play the Green Bay Packers. And the game is on my schedule.


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