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Day One. Take Back the Evening.

imageThis is the day I take back my evenings.  Tonight I plan my weekly TV time around the few shows I want to watch. No more mindless TV, rolling into the next show, and then the next, wondering why I’m so tired – and why I’m watching shows I don’t find funny or interesting.

I’ve already learned that my difficulty lies in having a tiring day at work.  The TV makes no demands of me and no answers are requested from me. It’s easy (but not satisfying)  to keep watching after a planned viewing.  And for a person (like me) who is concerned about lack of time and control, that’s unacceptable.

When I listened to a story on NPR about time slots and success rates of shows in prime-time, I realized by passively sitting in front of the screen I was boosting the ratings of the very shows I didn’t want to watch by not pressing the off button.   Lesson learned.

So far this evening I’ve made soup for tomorrow’s dinner,  talked on the phone with my mother, cleaned up the clutter around the house.

Tonight my goals is only to watch NCIS.  And the show is starting in a few minutes.


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